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Current Bylaws

Proposed Bylaws Changes

As required by the STP bylaws, the Executive Committee presented several proposed bylaw amendments at the annual business meeting in October. Having been presented to the membership at the 2016 meeting, these bylaw amendments will be presented for vote at the next STP Business Meeting in San Antonio on October 20, 2017.

The proposed changes are intended to clarify the language of the bylaws related to the timing of the term of the Elections and Appointments Committee and the duration of service of the Executive Director.

On the former item, the bylaws defined the term on the E&A Committee as running for the calendar year from January 1 through December 31. However, the major work of the Committee begins in August and ends in February of the following year. The language of the bylaws dissolved the committee prior to the time that it could complete its work. The revision defines the term of the Committee to begin on August 15 and to run for one year.

The proposed change regarding the Executive Director position adjusts the bylaw language to clarify that the ED may be appointed for a second term of five years and requires review and recommendation of the E&A Committee for that appointment to be considered.

It became necessary to enact changes in the composition and terms of the Fund for Excellence Committee because the role of the Committee had changed and the lengthy terms of the members made it difficult to recruit people to serve. Further, an outside agent now handles the investment of the fund, and the Committee now exercises oversight rather than active fund manipulation. The bylaw change would reduce the member terms to four years from six and reduce the number of committee members to four. The new language allows for staggering of terms to assure some continuity of experience. The STP Treasurer would remain a member of the Committee.

The Executive Committee encourages passage of these changes, which may be viewed here

Questions about the changes may be addressed to the STP Executive Director at

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