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March 6, 2019


Dear members of STP:

I would like to thank all of you who have volunteered to serve on one of the task forces that we are creating to accomplish the presidential initiatives. I will be in touch with you in the next two weeks to begin organizing.

The one task force for which I still need additional volunteers is the one on SOTL. Please let me know if you would be willing to serve on this important task force.

In the meantime, Keli Braitman and the Awards Committee have already drafted the criteria for the award for (1) mentoring beginning faculty in teaching and the award to recognize (2) civic involvement. At our Executive Committee meeting later this month we will be finalizing the language for those awards and preparing for their implementation.

On another front, we are in the process of working with a design team to create a new logo for STP. The members of the review team will be sharing the proposed logos at our EC meeting.

In other action, the EC decided that our SoTL Consulting Services program is to be merged with our existing mentorship program and so for those seeking assistance in SoTl research, contact Diane Finley thru the mentorship program.

Finally, to further our goal of reaching out internationally, members of STP will be conducting an invited symposium and teaching workshop at the International Association of Cross Cultural Psychology meeting this summer in Costa Rica.

Yours in teaching,

Rick Miller, STP President

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