Society for the Teaching of Psychology: Division 2 of the American Psychological Association

Principles of Psychology: Experimental Foundations Laboratory Manual (2002)

Author(s): Bonnie Sherman, James Dickson, Dana Gross, Elizabeth Hutchins, Konrad Talbot, and Howard Thorsheim
Affiliation: St. Olaf College

This 138-page manual contains nine laboratories with activities and information related to conducting a laboratory component in a general psychology course and with labs addressing children's play behavior, information literacy, neuropsychology, psychopharmacology, attention, statistics, sensation and perception, animal learning, and eye movements.

Download the entire document from among the following formats:

Entire Laboratory Manual (PDF)

Entire Laboratory Manual (Doc)

Individual Components of the Laboratory Manual (PDF)

Note: Author contact information: Dr. Bonnie Sherman, Psychology Department, St. Olaf College, 1520 St. Olaf Avenue, Northfield, Minnesota 55057 USA. (507) 646-2222 or 646-3146. Email:

Copyright © 2002 by Bonnie Sherman, James Dickson, Dana Gross, Elizabeth Hutchins, & Howard Thorsheim. Used under license by the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (APA Division 2). All rights reserved. You may download and print multiple copies of this material for your own personal use, including use in your classes and/or sharing with individual colleagues as long as the authors’ names and institution and the Office of Teaching Resources in Psychology heading or other identifying information appear on the copied document. No other permission is granted to you to print, copy, reproduce or distribute additional copies of this material.Anyone who wishes to produce copies for other purposes must obtain the permission of the authors.

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