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Statistics Assignments Using Excel®, by Michael J. Tagler, Ball State University


This collection of 12 spreadsheet-based assignments in Microsoft Excel® cover each of the major descriptive and inferential statistics in a typical introductory statistics course. Each includes a novel data set for students to enter into a spreadsheet and analysis instructions. Excel-based spreadsheet answer keys with the results are also provided.

Assignment Answers to Assignments (Excel files)
Instructions for these assignments   
Assignment #1: Introduction to Spreadsheets Assignment 1 answers
Assignment #2: Creating a Histogram Assignment 2 answers
Assignment #3: Measures of Central Tendency Assignment 3 answers
Assignment #4: Measures of Variability Assignment 4 answers
Assignment #5: Skewness, Kurtosis, and Box Plots Assignment 5 answers
Assignment #6: Standard Scores Assignment 6 answers
Assignment #7: Single Sample Tests Assignment 7 answers
Assignment #8: Single Sample t Tests Assignment 8 answers
Assignment #9: One-Way Between Groups ANOVA Assignment 9 answers
Assignment #10: Two-Way Between Groups ANOVA Assignment 10 answers
Assignment #11: Correlation and Regression Assignment 11 answers
Assignment #12: Chi-Square Tests Assignment 12 answers
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