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Mentoring Program


This one-to-one program has traditionally focused on advanced graduate students and early career faculty (both referred to as early career – EC) but also accepts applications from mid and late career faculty members seeking mentorship. The aim of the Mentoring Program is to provide mentees with career-related assistance to enhance their performance and job satisfaction throughout their academic careers. In addition, we hope that mentors will benefit from developing their mentoring skills or learning about a new topic from engagement with their mentee.


View a Narrated PowerPoint Introduction to Faculty Mentoring - Part 1  &  Part 2

The program is built around the needs and interests of the mentee, who will specify their goals and interests in the application. Mentors will be matched based upon these interests. Although most participants are in the United States, international members of STP are welcome to apply as communication typically takes place electronically (phone, internet [e.g., Zoom], and/or email).

As the program develops, webinars and other resources may be available, in addition to special meetings at STP’s Annual Conference on Teaching or the American Psychological Association’s annual convention.

Eligibility & Interest 

Consistent with our Mission Statement and the Statement on Addressing Systemic Racism and Inequity in STP, we encourage applications from colleagues who are from underrepresented groups and have diverse backgrounds and experiences.

  • Mentees
    Early career mentees are defined as those who have less than 10 years of psychology teaching experience and are members of STP. Advanced graduate students who have substantial teaching experience may also apply. High school teachers are also welcome to apply and will be paired with a mentor if one is available. Faculty who consider themselves to be mid- or late-career are also welcome to apply. 

  • Mentors
    Mentors are members or Fellows of STP and have at least 8 years of psychology teaching experience.

Thank you for your interest in the STP Mentoring Program. The purpose of the one-to-one mentoring program is to help new teachers transition into the new role of professional educator and to assist more seasoned colleagues who are seeking a mentor. The program is designed to run from August through May. We are asking for a commitment of at least one contact a month. Contact could be by email, phone, or internet (e.g. Zoom). Dyads are certainly welcome to connect more or less often, as schedules and the need demands. For more information, watch the PowerPoints above.

We try to match everyone who applies but that will depend on the number of applicants. Participants must be members of STP. Please be sure to check your membership here. Belonging to STP's DIV2PSYCHTEACHER Listserv, Facebook, X, or Instagram accounts does not mean STP membership.

The Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Relationship

Applications for the 2024-2025 academic year are open until August 15, 2024.

Please be sure to confirm that you are a current member of STP before applying. You can join STP for only $35 (faculty) or $20 (student, post-doc, retiree). You do not have to belong to APA. 

To facilitate matching mentors and mentees, we ask you to complete the questionnaire on the Mentoring site at

Mentor Application:

Mentee Application:

If you prefer not to do the form online, simply download it, complete it and email it to:

Questions, Suggestions?

Contact Amy Hunter, Director for Professional Development Programs, by email at

Please be sure to confirm that you are a current member of STP before applying. You can join STP for only $35 (faculty) or $20 (student, post-doc, retiree).

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