Society for the Teaching of Psychology: Division 2 of the American Psychological Association

STP Policy on Website Links from Other Organizations

The Society for the Teaching of Psychology may provide links to materials generated by other organizations. STP will only list cost-free resources which have been prepared to assist teachers of psychology at the graduate, undergraduate, and high school levels.

A resource link may qualify for posting on the STP website if it meets the following criteria:

  • It must consist of WWW-accessible materials that are pedagogical in nature, that is, they contribute directly to professional development, classroom teaching, course development, or the functioning of departments and programs.
  • Links may be to resources such as peer-reviewed collections of course syllabi, lesson plans, course lectures, etc.
  • All linked resources must be cost-free, and should not contain any materials or levels that require payment (e.g., paid subscriptions or fees for greater access or more features)
  • Peer-reviewed resources are preferred.
  • Links do not generally include any materials developed by private, individual, or commercial providers of clinical services (e.g., private or group clinical practices).

All requests for posting a link, or for more information, should be forwarded to STP's Internet Editor at

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