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The Teaching of Psychology in Autobiography, 2005

[The Teaching of Psychology in Autobiography. Edited by Trisha Benson, Caroline Burke, Ana Amstadter, Ryan Sidey, Vincent Hevern, Barney Beins, Bill Buskist. Society for the Teaching of Psychology, 2005]

ISBN: 978-1-941804-06-3

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Table of Contents and Individual Chapters

Trisha A. Benson, Caroline Burke, Ana Amstadter, Ryan Sidey, Vincent Hevern, Barney Beins, & Bill Buskist
1. Learning by Doing
Charles I. Abramson, Oklahoma State University
2. Finding Your Passion, Refining Your Skills: Lessons Learned as a Graduate Student and Junior Faculty Member
Courtney E. Ahrens, California State University at Long Beach
3. I Always Wanted to Be a College Professor
Drew C. Appleby, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
4. A Self-Actualizing Career-Choice Yields Unexpected Results
Harry P. Bahrick, Ohio Wesleyan University
5. Successful Teaching: A Life of Connections
Bernard C. Beins, Ithaca College
6. Tales of an Accidental Teacher
Douglas A. Bernstein, University of South Florida
7. My Life in Teaching: A Garden of Delights (and a Few Thistles)
Charles T. Blair-Broeker, Cedar Falls High School
8. Joy of Teaching
Charles L. Brewer, Furman University
9. "A Little Learning..."
Douglas K. Candland, Bucknell University
10. Getting in on the Ground Floor: Introducing Psychology in High Schools
Margaret Davidson, L. V. Berkner High School, Richardson, Texas
11. Variety is the Spice of This Teacher's Life
Stephen F. Davis, Emporia State University
12. Good Fortune, Good Friends, Good Times
Ann Tway Ewing, Mesa Community College
13. The Teaching of Psychology: Enrichment and Bewitchment
Alan Feldman, Perth Amboy High School, NJ
14. At Play in the Fields of Academe
Hugh J. Foley, Skidmore College
15. Good to Great Teaching: What Does It Take?
E. Scott Geller, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
16. From Researcher to Teacher-Researcher: A Case of Unplanned Development
Richard A. Griggs, University of Florida
17. Teaching: "Trust Me, It Will Be Good For You"
Cathy A. Grover, Emporia State University
18. Teaching as a Partnership: The Reciprocal Relationship Between Teaching and Learning
Robin A. Hailstorks, Prince George's Community College
19. The Path of Less Trouble
Jane S. Halonen, University of West Florida
20. That Aha Moment When Understanding Happens--That Is Why I Teach
Diane F. Halpern, Claremont McKenna College
21. Personal Patterns Pervade the Path to Positive Pedagogical Performance
Mitchell M. Handelsman
University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center
22. Mentoring Is as Mentoring Does
G. William Hill IV, Kennesaw State University
23. An Inverse Career Path: From Faculty Development to Developing as a Faculty Member
Barbara K. Hofer, Middlebury College
24. Psychology--"It's a Wonderful Life!"
Karen Huffman, Palomar College
25. Lessons Learned and Relearned
Robert L. Johnson, Umpqua Community College
26. Learning and Teaching
Kennon A. Lattal, West Virginia University
27. Reflections of a Student-Mentored Teacher
Margaret A. Lloyd, Georgia Southern University
28. Random Error: An Appreciation of the Chance of Teaching
Neil Lutsky, Carleton College
29. We've Come A Long Way, Baby
Laura Lincoln Maitland, Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District, NY
30. From Play to Passion: A Journey to Becoming a College Teacher
Virginia Andreoli Mathie
Psi Chi, The National Honor Society in Psychology
31. Thirty-five Years of Teaching, and I'm Still Learning!
Margaret A. Matlin, SUNY Geneseo
32. Reflections from a High School Psychology Classroom: Inspirations, Ideas, and Advice
Rob McEntarffer, Lincoln Southeast High School, NE
33. A Life of Learning and Teaching
Wilbert J. (Bill) McKeachie, University of Michigan
34. Teaching Psychology, Teaching People
Steven A. Meyers, Roosevelt University
35. Thirty Years in the Trenches (Or, the Academic Life and Times of David R. Murphy)
David R. Murphy, Waubonsee Community College
36. It Takes A Village to Raise a Good Teacher
Linda M. Noble, Kennesaw State University
37. An Autobiographical Look at My Teaching Career
Barbara F. Nodine, Arcadia University
38. From the Streets of The Bronx to Academia
Joseph J. Palladino, University of Southern Indiana
39. Reflections on My Career Journey as a Teacher of Psychology
Ann Garrett Robinson, Gateway Community College
40. Some Reflections on My Career Teaching Psychology
at a Community College

Jerry Rudmann, Irvine Valley College
41. A Dash of Indolence, A Pinch of Serendipity:
My Personal Recipe for a Career in Teaching

Bryan K. Saville, James Madison University
42. An Evolution of Emphasis: From Learning to Teach to Teaching to Learn
Jason F. Sikorski, Auburn University
43. My Career in Teaching: A Series of Unexpected Events
Randolph A. Smith, Kennesaw State University
44. It Started with the Root Feeders: A Teacher's Tale
C. R. Snyder, University of Kansas
45. Scenes from a Teaching Career
Elizabeth V. Swenson, John Carroll University
46. Enhancing Student Engagement in the Learning Process
Linda R. Tropp, Boston College
47. Finding My Home
Margaret Anne Bly Turner, Edison College and Walden University
48. The Joy of Getting Up in the Morning
Frank J. Vattano, Colorado State University
49. The Quest for Teaching Excellence
Kenneth A. Weaver, Emporia State University
50. Teachers Teach and Students Learn: Right?
Michael Wertheimer, University of Colorado at Boulder
51. A Life in Teaching
Maryanne Wolf, Tufts University
52. The Journey Continues
William Douglas Woody, University of Northern Colorado
53. Swimming Against the Tide: Journey of a Peace Psychology Professor
Linda M. Woolf, Webster University


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