Society for the Teaching of Psychology: Division 2 of the American Psychological Association

Member Benefits

The Society for the Teaching of Psychology (APA Division 2) is the first and largest national organization representing the interests of teachers of psychology. Among our members are faculty, staff, & student teaching assistants in secondary schools, community and technical colleges, 4-year colleges and universities, and graduate schools. Membership is open to all who are interested in the teaching of psychology, whether or not you are a member of APA.

Members who login to the web site are provided:

Click here for a PDF with clickable links for many of STP's resources and services.

To meet the needs of psychology teachers, the Society for the Teaching of Psychology:

  • Publishes Teaching of Psychology, a quarterly journal devoted to the improvement of teaching and learning.
    • Members of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology receive online access to the journal as part of their membership, including online access to all past issues and "Online First" articles.
  • Develops teaching materials. OTRP, the Society's Office of Teaching Resources in Psychology:
    • Develops and distributes a variety of peer-reviewed teaching and advising materials.
  • Publishes scholarly volumes devoted to teaching and psychology electronically (E-books)
  • Provides services to faculty. OTRP oversees three member services:
  • Bestows teaching & OTRP resource awards. Each year, the Society:
  • Fosters a teaching community. The Society supports activities that help connect psychology teachers to a wider community of scholars. For example, STP
    • Owns and operates PsychTeacher™, a moderated electronic discussion list.
    • Publishes a monthly electronic newsletter, TOPNEWS-Online.
    • Offers graduate teaching assistants in psychology a forum to improve their own teaching skills via the new Graduate Student Teaching Association
    • Sponsors initiatives that foster collaborations among psychology teachers, other professionals in psychology, teachers in other disciplines, business organizations, and local communities.
    • Collaborates with other organizations such as the American Psychological Society and the Council for Teachers of Undergraduate Psychology.    
  • Sponsors programs at conferences

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